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Game/Environment concept


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Playing with MAX/MSP again

after about 7 years or so…

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Built a Lightbox

Built a light box out of stuff lying around 4ft x 4ft, Astrid is well amazed by it…

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Concepts for a Web based Sales Reporting Tool

Interesting job thats just got signed off for a client we are currently working with based on the back of these loose drawings. The concepts are not indicative of the real thing they are just illustrations to describe an initial word of mouth briefing… Scoping starts in February.

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What’s Hot on the Appstore Today?

My tiny little app enters top 100 paid and free apps which is pretty cool with out any promo whatsoever… Get it here

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Here’s an idea by Love Creative but the problem is the codes have to be flat… Doing this as a flyposter means that the creases render the codes useless.

QCodes to me dont really make much sense, they are a usability nightmare if you ask me a lot of effort for not much return. I could type a url or search an SEO’d term much quicker than all that polavor.

No thanks, nice try but sorry, big fail.

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View from my office window


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