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Content flow for Can Film Festival, and Setting Standards

Brief aimed at students to create shorts for the can film festival. Winner gets a trip to the cannes film festival and film shown there.

Dynamic standards badge that partners can use on their website as part of their CSR responsibility. Click through to sign up to be part of the scheme page on

Simple Viral iPhone app that spreads via twitter.


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Magic Markers

Been showing my daughter how to use magic markers as shes doing a fashion design module in her art class. long time since i done that…

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Tiny Studio Interface

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Pyramid in the pavement

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Alpha build of retron

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Salford Ghosts

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Pics from today

I work near hood street, slightly religious experience with the light rays and the church

Space invader…

Tar, that loos like africa with a face… Reminds me of that famous french poster for the 70’s covering racism in africa

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Hidden Faces you see in the Street

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Halton Council: Mobile and Social Marcoms

Last week did an interesting pitch to Halton Council on the benefits of Mobile and Social Media (facebook + Twitter) Marcoms.

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