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GSW: All taken care of Brand


Quick half a day project briefed by StaleyPeters to come up with a brand idea for Goldsmith Williams Solicitors Ambulance chasing service…


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National Museums Liverpool: Walker Gallery Pitch


Did a load of pitchwork for Kiosk today… Really enjoyed writing copy for a change as not done that in a while.
Here is the print part of it…

There’s more than one ferry worth a visit in Liverpool

In case you hadn’t noticed, we like to do things around here in twos. Two cathedrals. Two football teams. And two ferries. There’s the one that you’re probably familiar with, you know the one Gerry sung about and then there’s this; ‘River Scene with Ferry Boat’ by Ruysdael.

Just one of the masterpieces that make up Liverpool’s cultural jewel in the crown.

A visit to the walker is well worth making:

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