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British Gas UXD For Generation Green

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Saw some of a while back…. here’s a new one and will no doubt get ripped off in ad land soon. Brilliant stuff, craft at its best. See more here:

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Littlewoods: Love Label pitch

Here is the blog part of the brief:

Here’s the email part:

Microsite approached based on a spec [they page-turner concept — URRRGH!!!] to flog and NPD new lines and direct link to eCom site etc etc. Not shown, instead we provided an alt version using video.


Everything is navigable and easter eggs are hidden in the elements on the desk; for eg: The polaroids take you to a lightbox that shows an exclusive peep at the new collection (these pics are of course grabbable for you to post on your own blog, forum, tweet etc).

Sample profile via facebook is displayed and with modification, kudos points are gained by contributing comments and #ofvisits etc etc

Here’s the thinking behind a possible iPhone app:

A simple idea that makes use of your camera:

• You get a brief SMSed to you from LL Editor [this could be based on existing vid footage eg: catwalk, news etc]
• You take a pic
• You send the pic to LL [this can then be posted on the blog, twitter etc]
• You get an either you made the cover or bad luck
• All stuff is published, maybe be 10 best 10 worst type of thing
• You win a day with LL designers, VIP to LL catwalkshow cool stuff money cant buy
• You fail you still win by getting a discount code for that week

ROI: Encourages
• natural PR
• conversations
• possible blogging
• defo awareness and
• the holy grail evangelism

Ok… Let’s see what happens?

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