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Refreshing Garamond

I like this idea, makes for an instant font design in seconds…


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Barack Obama’s inaugural address

watchin history right now and doodling… Obama looks very much like John Coltrane to me???

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Man Airport: Mobile Flow

Simple flow diagram developed in an attempt to educate Manchester Airport’s brand marcoms on how a potential Mobile Campaign would work for Car Park bookings…

View the PDF?

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Durex Pitch

Some pitch work for SSL done in October 08.
DurexCreative: Download PDF

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Nice way to start the NY

Working on a large-scale project for ASDA…

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Chester Zoo: Mobile


Been thinking a lot about mobile stuff for clients this month, seems like it’s the flavour

Interesting that you can send a jpg via MMS: thanks to 2ergo for the schooling. This has all kinds of options for point of purchase form a sales promo point of view.
[Click pic to enlarge]

You could text [time limited] membership barcodes, discounts etc… good stuff.

Connotations for bluetooth tours and how they can be turned into commerce: Adopt an animal message when you are near the said animal will either piss people off or make them take out an impulse purchase…
Adopt an Animal

Finally Mobile Apps:
Here is how CZ could utilise mobile apps to add content to the already successful Flickr pool.
Flikr Ap

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