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Last day…

I finsh at mando today for a bit of a break. Have really enjoyed the last four and a half years. Here’s my reference:

To whom it may concern

Reference for Greg Smith Creative Director Mando Group

Greg has been part of our core team here at Mando Group since 2003. I have worked extensively with Greg over this four and a half year period and can say he is one of the most talented brand strategists I have ever worked with, both ideas and execution come naturally to Greg. He is a confident communicator at tackling complex communication issues and helping clients understand potential executions.

Greg has worked across a whole range of projects including:

NHS Learning University – Delivering over £200,000 worth of work over 12 months
The Mersey Partnership – Delivering over £100,000 worth of work over two years

Greg has also been instrumental in attracting and retaining numerous accounts at Mando Group. Most recently Greg pitched and won the annual report for the Schools Food Trust, Mando Group where the first agency outside of London to work with the trust and this was done to Greg excellent pitch and maintaining strong client relationships.

He has multi-talented hybrid skill across both traditional media and digital online.

Greg is active in the creative community across the Northwest and has been instrumental in Mando Group’s growth and development.

As an organisation we have taken a strategic business decision to focus on our core activities of web development and build and therefore the specific role of a Creative Director of Greg’s calibre is currently not appropriate for us.

I wholeheartedly recommend Greg as an employee, he has been an incredibly loyal and trusted colleague and friend over the four and a half year period we have worked together, always pulling the stops out to deliver the very highest quality of work.

If you would like to discuss this reference in any more detail please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0845 365 4040.

Yours sincerely

Matt Johnson

Which is nice… Anyway, good luck Matt and Ian wishing you an all the team the best.


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Addaction Pitch

Some quick pitch work done for a charity aiming to remind teens to drink responsibly over the festive period. click pics to see full size.


bus poster executions.

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Working out Liverpool:Biennial

Click em to see full size…

Finding @gapinvoid’s Thingy-me-jig as a Social Object very insightful…

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