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Fat City Shop

A while ago i wrote about a bit of UX work i was doing well the site went live a couple months ago.


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Some old pitch work i stumbled upon

Back in 2009 we did a pitch to AMEX about a ‘social concierge’ here are the vids we used to introduce the concepts:

They loved the concepts, blown away by them but as usual did nothing with them. Fast forward 18 months later there was a big PR thing with an alliance with Four Square ( do exactly what we pitched… Wonder where they got that idea from. This is now being proclaimed as THE Social Media case study for ROI.

The second concept was for CSR:

I came up with the concepts, (wrote the storyboard, AD etc) and dave lee did the sound and vid production… Still not the first time my ideas have ever been ripped off and no doubt won’t be the last too for that matter. (SICK).

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and just remember these too…

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New iPhone game concept for a friend

done over the weekend as an experiment. Can’t reveal who it’s for but once done with real artwork will be something pretty awesome…

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Space Invader Radio iPhone App version 2.0

Is done and submitted to the appStore… So, heres a short video of it functioning via iOS simulator:

Coded from the ground up and rather than it just being a simple player like v1, i’ve now integrated social functions with
both twitter and facebook clients so no need to leave the app when you want to talk shit in your fave poison…

While iOS4 has backgrounding, version 3 doesn’t so this caters for much more of an audience and anyway even with backgrounding you still have to leave the app and tweet or what ever — much more convenient and instant this way.

Apple approved the app on August 01 2011 so here’s the App store link

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Two Awards For Trek America’s Eight Mates Campaigns

Before leaving KMP I was heavily involved with developing the strategy for a camping called 8 Mates and looky here, its smashing the award parades this year…

First up, UK Tourism Web Awards “Best use of Social Media”
Award: GOLD

Trek America won the hotly contested “Best use of Social Media” with Trek America Live because it was recognised that social media sat at the heart of the company’s marketing and that it all stemmed from the Social Media Portal where past, current and future Trekkers are able to share their experience and advice with one another. Beating off some hot competition from Emirates, Jet2 and Eurostar.

Secondly, Marketing Society Northern Awards “Best use of Social Media under 100k”
Award: GOLD
The reasons given for winning this award was the campaign’s “Expert knowledge of the target audience, strategy to encourage engagement and the outstanding results it achieved”. Once again, some stiff competition in this generic category, including promotions for brands such as ASDA and Cobra beer.

Visit the Campaign Site

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App Splash

Initial sketches for a new ecommerce venture:

Home and branding

Create an account after you begin to upload your file

Navigation Screen Spilt

User Account UX



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Default Avatars: A Social Pattern

Using emoticons is nothing for default avatars new but i have never seen them used this way to provoke the user to customise their own profile. The above example shows months but a chron job could be applied dependant on the frequency of visits to the site.

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Pig-a-pult is live

A while ago i wrote about a pitch for Manchester Airport well the campaign has been launched on facebook here

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Interesting concept:

Thought of this concept today:

Possible app that provides a quick way to share urls via multiple social networks from a desktop:


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