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Is a lesson in both UI/D and Social Comms. A brilliantly designed and developed product that gets you hooked right from the off. Amazing and its free. Can help think that they are missing a trick tho in the sale of ‘filter packs’. I can imagine quickly getting bored of the 10 or so included in the app…

Having said that, I think its a well and truly amazing concept. right down to the URL Brand excellence. info here app store link


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Art on Vinyl

Vinyl + Acrylic paint

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Trek America Live: Social Media Platform

Went live at the end of July.

The objectives for TUI were:
• Increase cross sell of tours
• Build email addresses of potential customers
• Generate high quality imagery and video for use in promotion

The initial results (in less than a month) are:
• 1,037 registered users
• 2,078 photos uploaded
• 81 Travel Blog Entries
• 452 Forum Threads
• Over 300,000 Page views

So much for those that say Social Media doesn’t work for businesses.

Download the Case Study [PDF]

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AR app scamp

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Presentation Sorted

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Halewood International Social Media Pitch

Been working on some interesting social media, geoLocal and mobile stuff today for a pitch…

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