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Design Pattern for over 60’s

Done a while back for a product aimed at 60+ demographic. the pattern was designed to hand hold novice users on how to fill a form in to sign up.


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Default Avatars: A Social Pattern

Using emoticons is nothing for default avatars new but i have never seen them used this way to provoke the user to customise their own profile. The above example shows months but a chron job could be applied dependant on the frequency of visits to the site.

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Pig-a-pult is live

A while ago i wrote about a pitch for Manchester Airport well the campaign has been launched on facebook here

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Interesting concept:

Thought of this concept today:

Possible app that provides a quick way to share urls via multiple social networks from a desktop:


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MAG Iphone App UX

For posterity here is the intial UX work done on the Manchester Airport iPhone App

Click the pix to see full size

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retron is finally in the app store

awaiting approval

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UXD: Sign Up for XXX

Signups online tend to be ‘greedy’ when it comes to data acquisition from the user. The above example shows how a user can get an account with the bare minium of information needed to join a service. The form that currently exists on the clients site has just shy of 50… yep count em 50 fields to fill in to register…

Good lord, and you wonder why signups aren’t happening… People hate forms. they are usually too busy to fill them in. They get bored. Make it easy for them to join your service… Once you have them in then you can pester for the rest of the information later…

This is not rocket science — This is just common sense.

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Search Interface Strategy

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Unusual Waves

The chances of generating a waveform like that are pretty slim…

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