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Get the Game Workshop

At Get the Game Conference over at ICDC Liverpool with @robsandbach. Interesting stuff and as conferences go have actually learned a hugh amount from the SONY guys here.

Was talking to the producer who did Little Big Planet. Interesting to hear his take on UGC as the whole game idea is built on it.

Here’s what he told me and it’s very insightful:

• UGC is a good idea when people that are doing it are good at what they do.
• This only accounts for <2% of users though
• Costs of moderation are huge [copyright infringement, malicious content etc]
• Customer complaints rise [why have you rejected my planet]
• Moderation was not accounted for on this scale
• With hindsight we wouldn't have done it
• It will not make a profit, the losses are huge

So there you have it… UGC is not the holy grail so think about that before you rush headlong into some naive project thinking all you content is going to be cool because our customers have done it type of approach.

Huuum… All commonsense really, I mean you only need to look at youTube for that…

Anyway here's some notes from it:

Here is my idea that I have to pitch back to them but won’t as have only spent about an hour thinking about it over lunch… Re:Jam App for PSP.


Basic premise is that you create a tool that allows people to do music stuff or upload there own stuff. This makes for a fertile testing bed for BMG A+R interms of spotting talent.
• The user can also upload parts or make parts available to other users to re:Jam hence becoming a more social/collaborative workspace.
• User can also invite people who he is a fan of to re:Jam his stuff.
• The user can sell his stuff as downloads
• Competitions where user can win contracts or commissions
• Video cam Interviews [fuel ego]
• You get the score etc, all a bit generic really
• I do like the ‘Re:Jam on PsP’ as a brand though, more thought is required if i can be arsed?!?

Finally, Rob rocked it with his chainworx pres. Shame hes going off traveling as he would have scooped the 10k dev prize easily! Best one of the bunch!!!

Much thanks to Enda Carey over at NorthWest Vision+Media for the invite, best conference i’ve been to for a long time.


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Open source idea: Butterfly Cart

Open shopping basket that will allow users to buy from multiple sites and pay by one method in one go?!? As always if you do anything with it then please let me know?

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KMP Newsite

Full thing

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Private Press Branding

For a friend who is setting up a label for the reissue of long out of print, hard to find and obscure Vinyl.

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IA Module for new KMP site

click image to see detail

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