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Two Awards For Trek America’s Eight Mates Campaigns

Before leaving KMP I was heavily involved with developing the strategy for a camping called 8 Mates and looky here, its smashing the award parades this year…

First up, UK Tourism Web Awards “Best use of Social Media”
Award: GOLD

Trek America won the hotly contested “Best use of Social Media” with Trek America Live because it was recognised that social media sat at the heart of the company’s marketing and that it all stemmed from the Social Media Portal where past, current and future Trekkers are able to share their experience and advice with one another. Beating off some hot competition from Emirates, Jet2 and Eurostar.

Secondly, Marketing Society Northern Awards “Best use of Social Media under 100k”
Award: GOLD
The reasons given for winning this award was the campaign’s “Expert knowledge of the target audience, strategy to encourage engagement and the outstanding results it achieved”. Once again, some stiff competition in this generic category, including promotions for brands such as ASDA and Cobra beer.

Visit the Campaign Site

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Default Avatars: A Social Pattern

Using emoticons is nothing for default avatars new but i have never seen them used this way to provoke the user to customise their own profile. The above example shows months but a chron job could be applied dependant on the frequency of visits to the site.

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Interesting concept:

Thought of this concept today:

Possible app that provides a quick way to share urls via multiple social networks from a desktop:


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UXD: Sign Up for XXX

Signups online tend to be ‘greedy’ when it comes to data acquisition from the user. The above example shows how a user can get an account with the bare minium of information needed to join a service. The form that currently exists on the clients site has just shy of 50… yep count em 50 fields to fill in to register…

Good lord, and you wonder why signups aren’t happening… People hate forms. they are usually too busy to fill them in. They get bored. Make it easy for them to join your service… Once you have them in then you can pester for the rest of the information later…

This is not rocket science — This is just common sense.

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Search Interface Strategy

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Presentation Sorted

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Mixcloud UXD

Been working on some UXD stuff for friends who run a Docial Network called Mixcloud

User Journey on upload is a bit flawed so here are some concepts on how to better the experience.

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Howdo awards last night demod a little project me and graham have been working on. A flash based twitterfall, nothing great about that i hear you cry, but what is great is the concept i came up with: *SIN-BIN* which allows users to get barred for being a lil bit naughty…

As you can imagine with booze and tech egos everyone would be wanting to get in the bin, therefore turning the twitterfall into a game and encouraging interactions, maybe not the right ones but hey at least its not wanky decoration.

Sorry @ajevans85

who thought he would be a bit clever by using a bit of javascript to get a **** tweet up:

@ajevans85: while(true){print “@ctisn for the win!”} // #howdoawardswhile(true){print “@ctisn for the win!”} // #howdoawards

Way ahead of you son, gotta get up early to catch us out.

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Swine Flew…

Off to pitch an idea to Manchester Airport today for a Facebook Viral called Pigapult. Alls im saying is that involves pigs, flying in a humorous way, deaths explosions etc

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