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Some old pitch work i stumbled upon

Back in 2009 we did a pitch to AMEX about a ‘social concierge’ here are the vids we used to introduce the concepts:

They loved the concepts, blown away by them but as usual did nothing with them. Fast forward 18 months later there was a big PR thing with an alliance with Four Square ( do exactly what we pitched… Wonder where they got that idea from. This is now being proclaimed as THE Social Media case study for ROI.

The second concept was for CSR:

I came up with the concepts, (wrote the storyboard, AD etc) and dave lee did the sound and vid production… Still not the first time my ideas have ever been ripped off and no doubt won’t be the last too for that matter. (SICK).


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Space Invader Radio iPhone App version 2.0

Is done and submitted to the appStore… So, heres a short video of it functioning via iOS simulator:

Coded from the ground up and rather than it just being a simple player like v1, i’ve now integrated social functions with
both twitter and facebook clients so no need to leave the app when you want to talk shit in your fave poison…

While iOS4 has backgrounding, version 3 doesn’t so this caters for much more of an audience and anyway even with backgrounding you still have to leave the app and tweet or what ever — much more convenient and instant this way.

Apple approved the app on August 01 2011 so here’s the App store link

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Space Invader Radio Desktop App (MacOS)

Final build done and dusted, works with MacOSX 10.5.x and upDownload it here The new iPhone and Android interface will match along with twitter integration…

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Playing with MAX/MSP again

after about 7 years or so…

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Reaktor Instrument that wraps audio input in on itself and churns out recycled sound in a very random way.

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Retron: First Build on iPhone

That’s me sorted for the commute home…

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Happy Earth Day Malcolm X

“You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it.”

Today would have been Malcolm X’s Earthday. Here is a audio short tribute i put together to honor the the great man…

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Sea of Discoveries

Nice little podcast i published today…

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Reading up on Sun Ra

Amazing stuff, that man was so far ahead of the curve that there is no curve. The curve is actually made by following his footprints. I was taken by this particular passage;

In the half-between world
Dwell they, the sound-scientist
Mathematically precise…..
They speak of many things
The tone scientists
Architects of planes of discipline.

So i bought the domain name for the archive of my project…

Darn fresh!

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Happy Easter

Just a little seamless blend of some rare jazz nuggets in a peaceful style for Easter. Done for everyone I know now (you know who you are) and will do in the future…


So nice it got featured on the vitamin water blog as thing to listen to today. Nice!

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