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He used to be a supertoy

Next episode (my second show, can’t believe they asked me back) of toxic digital debris will be broadcast this Sunday [28.02.10] The pic above gives you a bleak clue as what to expect… My interpretation of Aldiss’ Supertoys last all summer long crossed with Alejandro Amenábar and Mateo Gils: Abre los ojos.


Black Classical – Intro
The Beatles – Revolution No.9
Boards of Canada – Hell-ucinogenic
Joy Division – Transmission
The Beatles – Revolver excerpts
Man Machine – Robot to Okoku (The Robot Kingdom)
Laurie Anderson – O Superman
Jonathan King – Everyone’s gone to the Moon
Erik Satie – Quarto Ogives
NASA – Moon Landing
Anonandon – What’s My Name
Anologorythim – Jackobeansteppa
Anologorythim – The Marvelous Voltage Controlled Accordion
Sed+Awk – Protect Me From What I Want
Charles Bukowski – Dinosauria, We
Save Detroit – For the Kids
DJ Krush – Mieso (Shadow Mix)
Thes One & J-Live – Give It up for the Earth
BBC Documentary – (Nagasaki Spoken Word)
Royal Philamonic Orchestra – WAR!
Crass – Nagasaki Nightmare
Future Sound of London – Heard Killing
Future Sound of London – Dead Cities
Future Sound of London – My Kingdom
Lassi Nikko – –
Plaid – Dead Sea
Plaid – Fer
Jim Carroll – Heroin
Radiohead – Everything in its Right Place
Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows
DotDotDot – Theme from USTWO
Anologorythim – SP4c3-i
Anologorythim – SP4c3-ii
Spiritulized – Ladies and Gentleman we are Floating in Space
Sigur Ros – The Nothing Song
Sed+Awk – 8-l4ckN015-3
Anonandon – MPTy-ii
John Williams – Abandoned in the Woods
John Williams – For Always
Autechre – Rettic AC
Bernard Parmegiani – l’instand Mobile Part 3
Gill Scott Heron – Parents
Gill Scott Heron – Blessed
Gill Scott Heron – I was Guided
Gill Scott Heron – Me and the Devil
Freddy Hubbard/Ilhan Mimaroglu – Threnody For Sharon Tate
Hannibal – Owusu
Build an Ark – When Ancestors Speak
Steve Miller Band – Space Intro
Shelly Manne – Birth
George Duke – Statement-
Eddie Henderson – Spiritual Awakening
Quasimoto – You Aint No Astronaut
Ramsey Lewis – Dreams Electric Relaxation
John Klemmer – Primary Pulse
Amira Baraka – Coward
Joey Negro Presents The Sunburst Band – Love Trouble
Hawaii Five O – The Long Wait
Mtume – Theme For The People
Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage – Black Beauty
Sarah Webster-Fabio – Black Back “Sheeba’s Puppies”
Prisoners of Soul Rock – Cathedral
Amira Baraka – DOPE!
Carlos Nino & Friends – Ants And Elephants
Cymande – For Baby Oh!
Moodymann – White
Birthright – Do You Know Where You’re Children Are
Amira Baraka – In Walked Bud
Nathan Davis – Narration 1
George Russell Sextet – Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature Part 1
Shelly Manne – Mask Skit
Build An Ark – Sunshine
Shape of Broad Minds – Phone Skit
Diplomats – I Really Mean It
Dipset – Phone Skit
Polyrhythm Addicts – Zonin’ Out (Remix)
Dobie – The New Madness (bkcl Twist)
Purple Raindrops – Mr Vaughn’s Jumparound
Ghostface – Murdering Goons
Black Conspirators – L O V E
Outro (JoJo and the Stars)


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Found this today…

Jesus, this is a CD release on digitalDebris records i put out way back in 1995… Too futuristic, cover looks too current!

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Invasion Happened…

Last night saw mine and Monohub’s debut on Space Invader radio… Thanks to all those who found the time on of all days valentines day to check it out.

have a listen and see what you think?

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Swine Flew…

Off to pitch an idea to Manchester Airport today for a Facebook Viral called Pigapult. Alls im saying is that involves pigs, flying in a humorous way, deaths explosions etc

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