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Fluttr ii

The butterfly is back. Begun working on Concepts for the next version of fluttr however this version will be aimed at two sets of children 4-7 and 8-12 years.

The initial game was developed as an experiment to understand causal games and the mechanics of them and the game was developed in 3 days. What we found out was that kids love it, they need no introduction to understand how to play — they fire it up and play and they spend at least a good half an hour before getting bored and wanting to play something else. Watching children interact with an iPad is a testament to apples simplicity applied to iOS — kids just get it.

This new version will be developed to work in conjunction with the national curriculum with regards to literacy and possibly spin-offs with numeracy if this takes off. Each game level the user will need to collect letters and once completed oder the letters to make the word. Each level starts at the key stage skill and uses the words the child needs to know at that level.

Once the level is complete they are rewarded with stickers (similar to what happens at school) to put into an album to show a record of achievement. The letters will be managed by a CMS as they change or new words are added they can be managed without need to update the app.

This should be an interesting project, more to follow later.


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indiespring web initial scamp

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Unusual Waves

The chances of generating a waveform like that are pretty slim…

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Playing with MAX/MSP again

after about 7 years or so…

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Built a Lightbox

Built a light box out of stuff lying around 4ft x 4ft, Astrid is well amazed by it…

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Here’s an idea by Love Creative but the problem is the codes have to be flat… Doing this as a flyposter means that the creases render the codes useless.

QCodes to me dont really make much sense, they are a usability nightmare if you ask me a lot of effort for not much return. I could type a url or search an SEO’d term much quicker than all that polavor.

No thanks, nice try but sorry, big fail.

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View from my office window


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Magic Markers

Been showing my daughter how to use magic markers as shes doing a fashion design module in her art class. long time since i done that…

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Pyramid in the pavement

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Salford Ghosts

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