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BCToolkit prelims

Quick Look+Feel sketches for prelim design


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KMP Social Search Interface

This is a social search interface prototype designed by me with flash implementation by the genius that is @obwez and its truly amazing.

It allows you to search for relevant video based content (vimeo, youtube and viddlr) based on user search input. You can then make your own ‘video’ from the clips you find by using drag and drop.

Done as part of the KMP branding exercise. Video to follow.

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Evaluating the Mobile Landscape

Just thinking out loud…
Mobile Landscape PDF

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BC Toolkit Wireframes

Quick and dirty sketches of of the app will work so everyone can sign off and understand the IA for the app.

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KMP Rebranding


Did a pres yesterday as part of the management meeting to Non-Exec Director Brian Child. In this pdf is a bunch of thoughts about how the new brand could possibly manifest itself both visually and as an experience.

Split into three parts, the first bit is all about the company and rebranding our process DDS to [4D]. The second about Bills thinking on the new name; Digitata and the third visuals across a bunch of collateral inc: proposal docs using video in pdfs and all the boring bog standard stuff like cards and all that bollocks.

The thinking behind the new website is all about developing more of a TV approach to the look and feel, utilising Dave’s skills more. This site would in effect be a drag and drop your own content via a search interface to view as a video which you can save and share with whoever via email and or various social media channels which are of course all about data capture.

Early doors but there are some good possibilities here…

Nw brand launched in April 08, not too different from the initial proposal.
See the work? Including ‘video in pdf example’ of @paulfabretti as a faux client…

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Helvetica50 Poster

Here’s a quick poster done to advertise a lil internal screening of helvetica the movie at KMP Towers
See it in all its glory

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