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Heart of Mersey: Smoke Free Merseyside Pitch


This brief came in the other week and just delivered the response. I think that they would be really brave to go for this so not got my hopes up…

The Idea of scaring the shit out of people with the idea of Chemical Warfare is closer than you think in light of the recent 7/7 bombings may be a bit much, but, sod it, it’s a great idea and hopefully they will reconise it? Orsen Wells would have approved but will Heart of Mersey? Let’s see next week when they draw up the shortlist…

Click the pic to see the detail.

Here is a quote for the client about the work done after we won the pitch:

I worked with Mando Group to design the campaign: 4000 reasons to be serious. Deadly serious

This campaign was launched ahead of the landmark piece of public health legislation on 14th February 2006 that will see the end to smoking in public places and the protection of worker health. The concept had to be clever on many levels as research shows that smokers ‘filter’ news about smoking dangers and although the reasons for the proposed law was health the law was actually Health and Safety not Public Health.

The campaign Mando Group and Heart of Mersey developed used the fact that there were 4000 chemicals in smoke and visual representation of a gas mask with the setting for the treatments being common places of work that ‘the public’ don’t consider as work but more leisure such as bars and restaurants.

By using the skills of the designers in illustration rather than photography or Computer Aided Design we were able to manipulate the message more and the advertisements stood out when next to typical media advertising that is more commonly photography.

The message was kept pared down and simple and Mando Group did lots of background research around the world and the learning from this fed into the designs.

When working with Mando Group we had a direct relationship with Greg, the Creative Director, which is an unusual situation but as Heart of Mersey was a strategic organisation working on behalf of 8 Primary Care Trusts there was a need to ensure that the designs and treatments were right for a number of stakeholders. Mando Group and Greg were fantastic at enabling one-to-one discussion and encouraged a collaborative relationship which I feel benefited the final work.

Heart of Mersey were finalists in the Public Servant of the Year Awards in 2006 and one of the judges commented that it was the 4000 reasons campaign that had stood out for him in the submission.

Mando as an organisation really did live and breath the project and some of their staff quit smoking as they had brainstormed the design creatives some of the staff had learned the very public health message we were aiming to promote.

Greg and Mando were also flexible when I, as Communications Manager, chose to book media sites myself, this could have been an issue but Mando saw the greater benefit to Merseyside by Heart of Mersey saving agency costs and ultimately reaching more residents as the spend went on billboards and advertising.
I really felt that Greg and Matt, the Chairman of Mando understood that this wasn’t just a design commission, Heart of Mersey campaigned across Greater Merseyside – to a population of 1.8 million, but also directly to MP’s, Councillors and the EU and they really captured that they were playing a small but significant part in raising awareness of the dangers of second hand smoke and ultimately influencing the historic vote in Parliament on Valentines Day 2006.

I look forward to working with Greg and Mando again, as a client I was very demanding as we only had once chance to get this campaign right. Greg and Matt always made me feel that I was being listened to and they always seemed to go the extra mile to ensure this campaign had great impact.

Emma Heesom, Campaign Manager, Heart of Mersey March 2006


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