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More Visitor Concepts: Royal Navy Submarine Museum

New concepts that make the basic visitor platform a bit more engaging and fun to use. This app is for a submarine and submarines spend most of their time underwater so it stands to reason that we should try an mimic that with openGL.

Splash Screen:

As basic as can be but the magic happens after load:

The screen begins to fill up with water giving the sense of submerging.

On touch user interface element would ripple giving off tiny bubbles where the touchpoint occurred again giving the illusion that the app is underwater.

Further emphasis can be given with animated fish and sea creatures floating in at random

or even more subtly with maybe bubbles floating up from behind the tab bar.

The final thing to complete the effect will be to make the light rays on the background image view shimmer with different opacities.

This will look awesome once the 3D is done…


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Saul Bass: Hero

Spent all of my lunchtime thumbing through the genius of Saul Bass. He has been a heavy influence on me from an early age and this monster of a tome is a testament to his true genius.

So inspired I did this logo for a mate of a mate:

Awesome feedback from my mates mate:

“It’s hideous – looks like a five year old did it”


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Clever thinking

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Visitor App Concepts: Zoo

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New App Platform branding

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Google Tourismo Concept

Social Racing concept using googleMaps API. Obviously im not going to tell you the mechanics of how it works but it does…

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