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More iPhone Apps


Been working on more iphone apps. Here is a wireframed flow for a product that could be utilised by a publisher or regular dlc. The app would work on a subscription model basis.

Also just submitted a pitch to Marks & Spencer — almost approved. And one for Manchester Airport which i will publish at a later date due to confidentiality.


One thing that has helped me is this template that i have developed. If you design iPhone apps then feel free to download it and modify it to your needs. What i do with it is print out x amount of copies and bind them up to create a makeshift sketch book.


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iPhone Apps

Not posted anything for a while as ive been working for the last six weeks on a number of iPhone apps, coming soon…

Fluttr is our first entry into developing a casual game for the iphone:

But while you are waiting for a public launch, you can grab a MacOS or Windows version here for free… Iphone submission going in on late Sept/early Oct 09, fingers crossed…

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New Podcasts

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