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Liverpool Phil website wins yet another award

The website was awarded ‘Tourism Website of the Year’


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Knowsley:Space Pitch Thinking

Ok I’m done thinking on this one.

The overarching idea [Nicked from Why Don’t You — Go switch off your television set* and go out and do something less boring instead….?] is this:


As we know this is another box ticking exercise so as such where would the reporting lines lie? How would KS be able to justify the spend??

Ok here it is:

Every Child Matters is at the heart of the governments welfare strategy
The National Curriculum Framework is the standard at which education is judged
• An then what partnerships are readily available to take advantage of?

Scoring highly on all these three points will no doubt generate the Reporting ROI. The ideas have enough merit to satisfy a #s of Users criteria. Ideas then, here’s the best three I’m going to present on the 23rd of October.

In light of the recent young boy — Rhys Jones being shot and killed in Liverpool, gun crime is a hot topic for debate. Here is a chance to channel all that negativity into something good…

• Mobile phones are the must have accessory [Most kids if have them]
• Phones are more akin to cameras with a phone
• Some have the ability to record Video

How does this tick the boxes?

Be healthy — yep
Stay safe most — definitely
Enjoy and Achieve — think so
Positive Contribution — of course
Economic well-being — yes yes yes

This is too easy…

Ok now for NCF
• Design Technology, Art
• Geography and History — trips of briefs as part of a project
• Citizenship
• Careers
• Options (third year as i know it or year 10 or whatever it is…)

Where do possible partnerships exist:
• Galleries, to be used as exhibition space
• Liverpool ECHO and POST and METRO plus the free rags that go around the borough
> Work placements, Photo journalism, report the campaign and publish the work
• Mentoring via professionals
• Business can offer up prizes or sponsorship, placements or all of the above
• Can be run annually end of year awards ceremony at say St. Georges Hall
• Universities can play a part in particular Journalism School, School of Art at JMU which will be in the new building by the time this happens


I was really surprised to find out that this doesn’t already happen in some way, shape or form…

• Most kids are on MSN and have potential access to a computer
• Use existing School log-ins and passwords
• This would be a private login/chat through school network [login via space to HTTPS]
• Credit eg; for effort can be attached by attendance to the sessions
• The same system could also be utilized as a private care forum where kids could talk in confidence about issues affecting them
• Can also be a social space where students can meet other people from different schools
• Utilise web cam technology where applicable

How does this tick the boxes?

Be healthy
Stay safe most
Enjoy and Achieve
Positive Contribution
Economic well-being

Satisfies all of the above me thinks…

• Goes without saying really cause all subjects are touched
• Timetable would need to be developed eg: Mon = Maths, Tues = English etc

Where do possible partnerships exist:
• Advice bureaus that deal with Pregnancy, Drugs, Sexuality etc


Basically School Newspaper 2.0. A magazine format which could have possible links with TV via Sean Marley (Lime Pictures)…

• Each school gets a spread per month
• They populate it with video, editorial, pix etc
• Publish to deadline
• App pulls all the spreads together to form 1 online publication

How does this tick the boxes?

Be healthy
Stay safe most
Enjoy and Achieve
Positive Contribution
Economic well-being

Tick, Tick, Tick all the way home so jobs a good ‘un…

• All subjects have the potential to be featured here
• Eg: Quizzes, crosswords etc are all about knowledge and problem solving

Where do possible partnerships exist:
• Liverpool ECHO and POST (Work placements, Photo journalism, report the campaign and Publish the work)
• Mentoring via professionals
• Business can offer up prizes or sponsorship advertising opps
• Awards at the end of the year for best content, pic, etc
• Advice bureaus that deal with Pregnancy, Drugs, Sexuality etc


Errrr. That’s it i think… Lets see what happens on the 23rd.

* 21st Century version substitute with xBox

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Morality Audit…

Also something playing on my mind today on the way to work was the idea of a Morality Audit as a tool/Metric to define your Brand via Social Media…

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Pitching to Urban Splash today


Looking forward to it…

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Rare Fashion site launched and some nice feedback for me

Just launched this eCom site ahead of schedule. Here’s what Raj Shalwar, Managing Director of Rare Fashion said about the work done by Mando:

“Mando Group has developed a website that has enabled us to step ahead of our competitors through the functionality available on our site. The fully content managed site allows us to be responsive. We’ve benefited from improved functionality such as barcode integration, order tracking, and the ability to cross sell related products. Not only have we seen a decrease in the number of returned items, we have also experienced a significant increase in sales since the launch of the site.

Here’s what he said about my input to the project:

“Over past 3 months I have worked closely with Greg in relation to development of our website. Greg was very quick to grasp the business model we operate and frequently acted as vital ‘link’ between us and the Mando team. This is not to be understated as essentially it got us there ‘quicker’ and provided much sought after reassurance that our requirements we’re clearly understood. Greg during our meetings offered a number of innovative ideas on how the customer experience could be enhanced to a higher level. As a client there are number of occasions where you maybe unsure or seek clarity about an aspect of the site. When questions we put forward to MANDO Greg was frequently the first to reply and with always valuable feedback and solutions. Since going live both sales and traffic have significantly increased far beyond our expectations and I am convinced that the help Greg gave us has played a very important part in this new growth. I have much ‘respect’ for Greg not just as a creative marketer but as a retailer too. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any business except my competitors obviously.”

Peep the work?

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Open Source Idea: Twitter BrandScan

Quick idea that came to me, it’s open source so do what you want with it…
Mind you if you feel inspired to do something with it then let us know?

Snag the PDF brandScanTweet ApplicationHere

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SFT: Trust in School Food Annual Report

Glad we won this project as it was the first bit of work commised by the trust outside of London and also by a company not on the COi Roster [we were the wild card and beat 9 other agencies to this brief].

This as the brief said is “THE most important piece of collateral we would produce this year” Not bad. Anyway, heres how the job happened:

Won. Written. Designed. Art Directed Photography. Amended. Signed Off. Out to print, All within 7 working days…

Heres the PDF

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