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Scan font pack done probably cause i was bored back in 2004

Culture Campus

Corp Font. Since its now folded some one may as well get some use out of it…

And the above which is my handwriting sort of… bit of creative license…

Download them (for as long as i keep em in my dropbox that is…

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Another Pitch WIN

Just got word that we have won a new client based on a Facebook problem… VIE at home.

That means everything I have done regarding New Business Pitches i have this year I’ve won. Come to think of it, since working here we have only lost one i have been involved with and that wasn’t the creative it was the usual cost issue…

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This pretty much sums me up

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Tee Shirts

Retron samples came in today, bright loud and brash as you like using silver foil and fluro inks…

and did this for a site in about 10 mins; Brief use the word SAMBA

Typo depiction of Airto’s Celebration Suite breakdown…

14th JULY:
On Tuesday, July 13, 2010, Afro:Baile Records wrote:
> Thank You for your submission! This is a really great idea and great way to express Samba!!
> We will be contacting all the participants in a few weeks to announce the winner. Stay tuned!
> have a good week
> All the best
> Afro:Baile

fingers crossed then…

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8 Mates Facebook Campaign

Trek America:
• Total Entrants 46,017
• 60% of all Facebook entrants were referred
• Over 2.5Gb of buses were made and posted on walls


Client very happy, exceeded all expectations, they wanted 10,000

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Milligan UXD

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teaching typography to web designers

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Mixcloud UXD

Been working on some UXD stuff for friends who run a Docial Network called Mixcloud

User Journey on upload is a bit flawed so here are some concepts on how to better the experience.

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