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Interesting concept:

Thought of this concept today:

Possible app that provides a quick way to share urls via multiple social networks from a desktop:



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Unusual Waves

The chances of generating a waveform like that are pretty slim…

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Hyper Island today

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Hyper Island

Från: Helena Persson [mailto:helena.persson]
Skickat: den 20 april 2010 17:10
Till: ‘greg.smith’
Ämne: Hyper Island Lab Sessions on Creativity

Dear Greg,

I’m pleased to let you know that you have been accepted to the Lab Sessions on Creativity delivered by Hyper Island in association with NorthernNet.

The number of spaces on the programme is limited, therefore it is important that you respond to this email to confirm that you have accepted your place, including the payment terms and conditions outlined in the attached file. Please reply within 24 hours on receipt.

Enclosing a link to Google maps for your location:,-2.329915&sspn=0.454647,0.883026&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=100+Broadway,+Salford,+Lancashire+M50+2UW,+United+Kingdom&ll=53.476056,-2.294834&spn=0.007101,0.013797&z=16&iwloc=A

Please see attached file for all other details and don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions!

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Trains are soooo boring

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Chester Zoo Merchandise and Interactive Project

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Morality Audit…

Also something playing on my mind today on the way to work was the idea of a Morality Audit as a tool/Metric to define your Brand via Social Media…

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Some thinking about “how can we get young people into the site and using it on a regular basis”… brief. The site has obviously been delivered as a box ticking exercise by the council and as such promo is an after thought because the delivery is not the only box they need to be aware of… They now need to justify the spend based by using google analytics… huuuummmmm….

Tough one… Dry as fuck, tons of text no pix, no vid, no methods to join in and contribute… What were the thinking, most of the management team at the council will prob have teens and will know that there attention span is about equal to that of a goldfish.

Think about it — he’s a possible scenario:
• teenage girl
• pregnant
• boyfriend just dumped her
• scared shitless of telling her folks
• don’t know where to turn
• goes to the site
• faced with reading a 10,000 word white paper on teen pregnancy
• errr… Don’t think so
• left even more disappointed and disillusioned (Just what she needs)
• return — NOT LIKLEY

Jesus H. Christ?!? This type of approach has to potential to do more harm than good…

Start again would be the preferred option…

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