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Here is a bunch of nice things some clients have said about working with me in the past all in one place:

“Greg has been part of our core team here at Mando Group since 2003. I have worked extensively with Greg over this four and a half year period and can say he is one of the most talented brand strategists I have ever worked with, both ideas and execution come naturally to Greg. He is a confident communicator at tackling complex communication issues and helping clients understand potential executions.

Greg has worked across a whole range of projects including:

NHS Learning University – Delivering over £200,000 worth of work over 12 months
The Mersey Partnership – Delivering over £100,000 worth of work over two years

Greg has also been instrumental in attracting and retaining numerous accounts at Mando Group. Most recently Greg pitched and won the annual report for the Schools Food Trust, Mando Group where the first agency outside of London to work with the trust and this was done to Greg excellent pitch and maintaining strong client relationships.

He has hybrid skill across both traditional media and digital online.

Greg is active in the creative community across the Northwest and has been instrumental in Mando Group’s growth and development.

As an organisation we have taken a strategic business decision to focus on our core activities of web development and build and therefore the specific role of a Creative Director of Greg’s calibre is currently not appropriate for us.

I wholeheartedly recommend Greg as an employee, he has been an incredibly loyal and trusted colleague and friend over the four and a half year period we have worked together, always pulling the stops out to deliver the very highest quality of work.

If you would like to discuss this reference in any more detail please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0845 365 4040.

Yours sincerely

Matt Johnson

“Over past 3 months I have worked closely with Greg in relation to development of our website. Greg was very quick to grasp the business model we operate and frequently acted as vital ‘link’ between us and the Mando team. This is not to be understated as essentially it got us there ‘quicker’ and provided much sought after reassurance that our requirements we’re clearly understood. Greg during our meetings offered a number of innovative ideas on how the customer experience could be enhanced to a higher level. As a client there are number of occasions where you maybe unsure or seek clarity about an aspect of the site. When questions we put forward to MANDO Greg was frequently the first to reply and with always valuable feedback and solutions. Since going live (October 2007) both sales and traffic have significantly increased far beyond our expectations and I am convinced that the help Greg gave us has played a very important part in this new growth. I have much ‘respect’ for Greg not just as a creative marketer but as a retailer too. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any business except my competitors obviously.”

Raj Talwar, Managing Director, Rare Fashion, October 2007

“Mando Group has proved to be a valuable web partner for me in starting this business. They have delivered a sales platform that allows Trade 1st to exploit our unique market ‘competitive advantages’. In developing the customer experience, Greg clearly understood my objectives very quickly. His holistic approach to branding, design and how this was applied to the web development, has led to both positive feedback and strong sales through the site.”

Travis Wild, Managing Director, Trade First, Merseyside Nov 2007

“I have worked with Greg over the last six months. One of the most significant projects was a major presentation to senior figures from around the Liverpool city region. Greg’s empathy, understanding, insight and genuine interest in the project resulted in an exceptional end product and very positive response from the target audience.

I would not hesitate in recommending Greg to any other organisation and personally look forward to the opportunity of working with him again in the future.”

David Wade Smith, Director, Live Smart, Merseyside 2007

“Genuine creativity can be a rare thing, even in the creative industries. However, if you want a living breathing example of applied and effective creativity look no further than Greg Smith.

A sharp and enquiring mind that identifies problems and opportunities, investigates possibilities and takes risks is matched
with the skills to verbalise and visualise the most difficult of concepts and by combining these abilities Greg encourages his clients to take the creative journey with him. Greg is quite simply one of the most creative minds I have ever come across.”

Geoff White, Creativity Consultant, Creative Partnerships, Merseyside 2007

“Greg and I worked together to launch and to develop a brand strategy and identity for a new company; Culture Campus Liverpool. It was a challenging experience, because the project partners included senior academics, and the directors of three of the most prestigious arts organisations in Liverpool. All partners had very high, and very different expectations of the brand.

It was a great experience too, because Greg is very quick-thinking and grasps a concept immediately, throws out innovative ideas so lavishly that you don’t feel bad if you miss one because there will be another one along in a minute. He is also good-natured, reliable, funny, and tremendously talented – an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Liz Lacey, Director, Culture Campus, Merseyside 2007

“I have worked as Marketing Manager for too many years than I care too remember. I spent a long time working for British Telecom, one of the most powerful brands in the UK. Here I was involved in working with some of the top advertising and public relations campaigns on demand generation driven marketing campaigns. I met Greg in my current role working for North Liverpool Academy. I was looking for an agency to develop a brand for an enterprise project that would inspire young people, to become young entrepreneurs. Greg, picked up a tiny comment that was made during the briefing process and developed a proposal that was way beyond my expectations. The brand that he created has made a massive impact on the Academy. It has enabled us to articulate to our student exactly what being enterprising person means and has enabled us to embed an enterprising culture in our staff and students. Greg is one of the most innovative creative person I have worked with.”

Jade Parkinson-Hill, Director, North Liverpool Academy, Merseyside 2006

“Working with Greg was an enjoyable experience. He quickly understood the spirit of our brand and how we wanted this to be communicated. He effectively converted this into a strategy that is long-lasting and impactful. Greg is a deep thinker with a quick wit. He has an enviable grasp of the world wide web and what it means for businesses, brands and citizens alike. All in all, a good man to have onside!”

Emma Jones, Managing Director, Redbrick Enterprises Ltd & Editor, 2005

“I believe Greg is a natural creative leader and his continued success has a huge deal to do with his first class ability to interact with others; From junior account team to chief executive client side, he inspires and involves people in what seems to be a very effortless, educational and entertaining way. This makes him very well liked and respected at every level both in-house and with our customers.”

Claire Garvie, Ex Marketing Director (Mando Group) 2004

“Greg is one of the most talented people I have had the privilege of working with during my career. One of his greatest strengths is the ability to produce a rich variety of concepts for every brief he is faced with – each one imaginatively different, and yet always managing to precisely hit the target in ways I would never have thought possible. This is especially impressive when my briefs are usually restrictively narrow or just woolly and tenuous – to have the clarity of vision to conceive strong creative ideas out of those kinds of briefs is so valuable and as a result makes him very valuable.”

Jim Walls, Managing Director, Park Group plc 2001

“The art of publishing is understanding the value of what you provide your readers and the market context in which you supply it. Yes, up-to-date editorial and getting the price point right are key to maximise revenues and long-term profitability, but so too is the investment we put into the brand, which sadly, is often over looked. What Greg and his Tomorrow team have produced with ‘Crash Course’ is something really amazing that will ultimately become the number one point of reference for medical students worldwide in the not too distant future.”

Fiona Foley, Global Publishing Director, Mosby Inc. 1998

“Greg has an enviable mixture of talent and experience behind him which he has worked hard to build up over the last few years. His design skills are both exceptional and varied and he is an astonishingly fast worker, yet his work is never rushed. Each ad or layout he produces has a freshness about it, which considering the deadlines we are under and the customers he has to deal with is pretty unique.”

Phil Maddox, Editor 1995


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