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Default Avatars: A Social Pattern

Using emoticons is nothing for default avatars new but i have never seen them used this way to provoke the user to customise their own profile. The above example shows months but a chron job could be applied dependant on the frequency of visits to the site.


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Interesting concept:

Thought of this concept today:

Possible app that provides a quick way to share urls via multiple social networks from a desktop:


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Site Map as Interface for CMS

Been doing some thinking work on our CMS. It strikes me as odd that we spend so much time discussing site maps with clients and getting them to sign them off that it seems logical to me that we should integrate them into the CMS as a navigational device to edit pages.

Site maps are a semi-abstract concept but they are what they are Maps routes to destination pages, the discussions we have about them mean that the client will be very familiar with them so use them.

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Open Source Idea: See For Free

I did this idea way back in December 2007 for a pitch I was working on for Kiosk Creative for National Museums of Liverpool. They never submitted it for what ever reason… Too Close to chrimbo – so i have recreated it as i’ve been using ebay a bit recently and because i never backed it up…

How to potentially use eBay to target very relevant users for clients with next to no budgets:

See for free the full thing

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Open source idea: Butterfly Cart

Open shopping basket that will allow users to buy from multiple sites and pay by one method in one go?!? As always if you do anything with it then please let me know?

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Making Search Relevant to myLocale

If I use my mobile to search for something i would like the option for it to be relevant to my geoLoc For example:

If i am here:

And i want to find:

The results should be relevant to walking distance [default] and short driving distance [secondary]

and not a scattergun unrelevance and useless result like:

Just a thought…

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Open Source Idea: Twitter BrandScan

Quick idea that came to me, it’s open source so do what you want with it…
Mind you if you feel inspired to do something with it then let us know?

Snag the PDF brandScanTweet ApplicationHere

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