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Microsoft – Were all In Strategy

Been working on a large scale Social Media Strat for Microsoft’s Cloud Computing offering with Paul over at gabba… Obviously this is under wraps for the time being, more posts as soon as i can.

Clever stuff even though i say so myself…


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Howdo awards last night demod a little project me and graham have been working on. A flash based twitterfall, nothing great about that i hear you cry, but what is great is the concept i came up with: *SIN-BIN* which allows users to get barred for being a lil bit naughty…

As you can imagine with booze and tech egos everyone would be wanting to get in the bin, therefore turning the twitterfall into a game and encouraging interactions, maybe not the right ones but hey at least its not wanky decoration.

Sorry @ajevans85

who thought he would be a bit clever by using a bit of javascript to get a **** tweet up:

@ajevans85: while(true){print “@ctisn for the win!”} // #howdoawardswhile(true){print “@ctisn for the win!”} // #howdoawards

Way ahead of you son, gotta get up early to catch us out.

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Hyper Island today

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Sea of Discoveries

Nice little podcast i published today…

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Hyper Island

Från: Helena Persson [mailto:helena.persson]
Skickat: den 20 april 2010 17:10
Till: ‘greg.smith’
Ämne: Hyper Island Lab Sessions on Creativity

Dear Greg,

I’m pleased to let you know that you have been accepted to the Lab Sessions on Creativity delivered by Hyper Island in association with NorthernNet.

The number of spaces on the programme is limited, therefore it is important that you respond to this email to confirm that you have accepted your place, including the payment terms and conditions outlined in the attached file. Please reply within 24 hours on receipt.

Enclosing a link to Google maps for your location:,-2.329915&sspn=0.454647,0.883026&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=100+Broadway,+Salford,+Lancashire+M50+2UW,+United+Kingdom&ll=53.476056,-2.294834&spn=0.007101,0.013797&z=16&iwloc=A

Please see attached file for all other details and don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions!

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Trains are soooo boring

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Reading up on Sun Ra

Amazing stuff, that man was so far ahead of the curve that there is no curve. The curve is actually made by following his footprints. I was taken by this particular passage;

In the half-between world
Dwell they, the sound-scientist
Mathematically precise…..
They speak of many things
The tone scientists
Architects of planes of discipline.

So i bought the domain name for the archive of my project…

Darn fresh!

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Oscillations Art

Came out today…

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Slides from a Client Pitch Pres

You may be tempted to go for FLASH…

FLASH is wonderful, cool and very dynamic…

BUT… Flash is now old technology, not very flexible to update etc

HTML 5 and JQuery however can do many of the interactive things people use FLASH for including video…

In short, HTML 5 kicks FLASH BUTT futureproof and all that JAZZ…


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