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Happy Easter

Just a little seamless blend of some rare jazz nuggets in a peaceful style for Easter. Done for everyone I know now (you know who you are) and will do in the futureā€¦


So nice it got featured on the vitamin water blog as thing to listen to today. Nice!


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Big in Japan…

for the past few days at least… Space Invader App was featured on Japanese TV hence the rise in popularity on the download front. Fuckin’ A!

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Xmas from about 20 years ago

Found this in the garage today whilst cleaning out the hords of stuff i have accumulated over the years. I did it on work experience back in about 1988/9 with felt pens and markers…

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And then the reviews…

All really positive and its up to just shy of 100 downloads *globally* which considering absolutely no promo other than word of mouth is pretty much amazing… My funky little app was the first streamer across all wireless networks and has a star rating of 4.5.

Very, very pleased with that!

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Milligan Pitch

Old school…

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DOOM and a 10 yard line of Snot Bubbles

Illustration done for my next radioshow which is a Hip Hop Special paying homage to MF Doom and Adult Swim…

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New iPhone game me and Rob are working on… Highly addictive

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Album Art

Been asked to do some art for the second and coming release on Apple Juice break… Here’s a quick scamp done in illustrator this lunchtime.

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Blow ME!!!

Submitted the app yesterday through Rob’s indiespring account at 15:30. Today we got approval all in less than 24 hours… This is pretty much unheard of!

Get yourself a copy here [appstore link]

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SpaceInvaderFM: UXD

Nice and simple and *round of applause* I have now cracked the stream across 3G, EDGE and WAP…

Submit to App Store after a few more tests…

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