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Some old pitch work i stumbled upon

Back in 2009 we did a pitch to AMEX about a ‘social concierge’ here are the vids we used to introduce the concepts:

They loved the concepts, blown away by them but as usual did nothing with them. Fast forward 18 months later there was a big PR thing with an alliance with Four Square ( do exactly what we pitched… Wonder where they got that idea from. This is now being proclaimed as THE Social Media case study for ROI.

The second concept was for CSR:

I came up with the concepts, (wrote the storyboard, AD etc) and dave lee did the sound and vid production… Still not the first time my ideas have ever been ripped off and no doubt won’t be the last too for that matter. (SICK).


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UXD: Sign Up for XXX

Signups online tend to be ‘greedy’ when it comes to data acquisition from the user. The above example shows how a user can get an account with the bare minium of information needed to join a service. The form that currently exists on the clients site has just shy of 50… yep count em 50 fields to fill in to register…

Good lord, and you wonder why signups aren’t happening… People hate forms. they are usually too busy to fill them in. They get bored. Make it easy for them to join your service… Once you have them in then you can pester for the rest of the information later…

This is not rocket science — This is just common sense.

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Content flow for Can Film Festival, and Setting Standards

Brief aimed at students to create shorts for the can film festival. Winner gets a trip to the cannes film festival and film shown there.

Dynamic standards badge that partners can use on their website as part of their CSR responsibility. Click through to sign up to be part of the scheme page on

Simple Viral iPhone app that spreads via twitter.

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Halewood International Social Media Pitch

Been working on some interesting social media, geoLocal and mobile stuff today for a pitch…

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Another Pitch WIN

Just got word that we have won a new client based on a Facebook problem… VIE at home.

That means everything I have done regarding New Business Pitches i have this year I’ve won. Come to think of it, since working here we have only lost one i have been involved with and that wasn’t the creative it was the usual cost issue…

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Milligan Pitch

Old school…

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More iPhone Apps


Been working on more iphone apps. Here is a wireframed flow for a product that could be utilised by a publisher or regular dlc. The app would work on a subscription model basis.

Also just submitted a pitch to Marks & Spencer — almost approved. And one for Manchester Airport which i will publish at a later date due to confidentiality.


One thing that has helped me is this template that i have developed. If you design iPhone apps then feel free to download it and modify it to your needs. What i do with it is print out x amount of copies and bind them up to create a makeshift sketch book.

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Trek America: Pitch

Pitch work for Trek America: The wireframes…

Presentation went well, congrats to @robsandbach for his first client pitch as an acct manager — He played a blinder!

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British Gas Pitch: Social Media Campaigns

Nominate your Nan, Tweet [would work with text too] your meter reading lottery.

Download PDF

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Adidas: The presentation

Just heard back from Adidas with a “Sorry it took so long to get back to you…” Hey I know you’re busy so thats ok! We thought your stuff was so cool that we sent it to global corporate marketing who also thought it was SUPA COOL! etc etc. The long and short of it is — we’re now on the roster so result! Fuckin A!
Here’s the work as a powerpoint [.pptx]

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