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Interesting concept:

Thought of this concept today:

Possible app that provides a quick way to share urls via multiple social networks from a desktop:



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Fuzzy Felting:

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mobile strategies

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This…. huummm I may work up for jontofski’s draw serge project


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Waiting for the kettle to boil…

index card scribbles…

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Site Map as Interface for CMS

Been doing some thinking work on our CMS. It strikes me as odd that we spend so much time discussing site maps with clients and getting them to sign them off that it seems logical to me that we should integrate them into the CMS as a navigational device to edit pages.

Site maps are a semi-abstract concept but they are what they are Maps routes to destination pages, the discussions we have about them mean that the client will be very familiar with them so use them.

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Barack Obama’s inaugural address

watchin history right now and doodling… Obama looks very much like John Coltrane to me???

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Morality Audit…

Also something playing on my mind today on the way to work was the idea of a Morality Audit as a tool/Metric to define your Brand via Social Media…

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