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Fluttr ii

The butterfly is back. Begun working on Concepts for the next version of fluttr however this version will be aimed at two sets of children 4-7 and 8-12 years.

The initial game was developed as an experiment to understand causal games and the mechanics of them and the game was developed in 3 days. What we found out was that kids love it, they need no introduction to understand how to play — they fire it up and play and they spend at least a good half an hour before getting bored and wanting to play something else. Watching children interact with an iPad is a testament to apples simplicity applied to iOS — kids just get it.

This new version will be developed to work in conjunction with the national curriculum with regards to literacy and possibly spin-offs with numeracy if this takes off. Each game level the user will need to collect letters and once completed oder the letters to make the word. Each level starts at the key stage skill and uses the words the child needs to know at that level.

Once the level is complete they are rewarded with stickers (similar to what happens at school) to put into an album to show a record of achievement. The letters will be managed by a CMS as they change or new words are added they can be managed without need to update the app.

This should be an interesting project, more to follow later.


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More finger poppin with brushes app

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Vector Watercolour

Concept landscape/colourscript for an iOS game

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Black Robots Cover Scamp

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indiespring web initial scamp

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More Visitor Concepts: Royal Navy Submarine Museum

New concepts that make the basic visitor platform a bit more engaging and fun to use. This app is for a submarine and submarines spend most of their time underwater so it stands to reason that we should try an mimic that with openGL.

Splash Screen:

As basic as can be but the magic happens after load:

The screen begins to fill up with water giving the sense of submerging.

On touch user interface element would ripple giving off tiny bubbles where the touchpoint occurred again giving the illusion that the app is underwater.

Further emphasis can be given with animated fish and sea creatures floating in at random

or even more subtly with maybe bubbles floating up from behind the tab bar.

The final thing to complete the effect will be to make the light rays on the background image view shimmer with different opacities.

This will look awesome once the 3D is done…

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Saul Bass: Hero

Spent all of my lunchtime thumbing through the genius of Saul Bass. He has been a heavy influence on me from an early age and this monster of a tome is a testament to his true genius.

So inspired I did this logo for a mate of a mate:

Awesome feedback from my mates mate:

“It’s hideous – looks like a five year old did it”


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New App Platform branding

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and just remember these too…

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Space Invader Radio iPhone App version 2.0

Is done and submitted to the appStore… So, heres a short video of it functioning via iOS simulator:

Coded from the ground up and rather than it just being a simple player like v1, i’ve now integrated social functions with
both twitter and facebook clients so no need to leave the app when you want to talk shit in your fave poison…

While iOS4 has backgrounding, version 3 doesn’t so this caters for much more of an audience and anyway even with backgrounding you still have to leave the app and tweet or what ever — much more convenient and instant this way.

Apple approved the app on August 01 2011 so here’s the App store link

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