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Information Overload…

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Fylde councils website was a pretty typical story as for all council websites .Information overload, legacy out-dated information all over the place coming up top in search results due the the popularity of hits and just general mis care via the cms of various staff who had virtually no training.

I conducted a number of research sessions with both council staff and the general public as well as delving into the Analytics to strip everything back to arrive at the above solution. The search interface was the quickest way to find stuff, people understood how google worked and when presented people generally hit the thing they were looking for in less than 2 clicks. General consensus was very positive.

Those that by-passed the search in favour of ‘the classic view’ were presented with a much scaled down navigation option:

Overall, the client was delighted with the site. The final CX document is here. or visit the site here. Content entry is still happening in certain parts of the site but on the whole, you will see how easy a site it is to use/find information on there.


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